How to create a Record

1. Click on the "plus" button in the upper right hand corner of your screen (on the phone it will appear in the lower right hand corner) 

2. Enter a title of your record

3. Enter a description (optional)

4. Upload one or more attachments

5. Select a bin to store them in.  

Note: You can add them to more than one bin.

If you do not have any bins you can create one by clicking on the "Add Bin" link 

6. Choose the group(s) you would like to share this post with or keep private by selecting "JUST WITH ME"

7. If keeping to "JUST WITH ME" click the "SAVE" button

    If sharing the post the save button will chance to "SAVE AND SHARE". Click it to shave and share the post.

Your record will be saved into your Trove.

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