How to change my primary email/login address in trovvit

Many of our users first get their trovvit account at their school, camp or other youth organization and want to know if they can take it with them.   The answer is yes.

If you use an email to login to trovvit and wish to change it to another email you can do so.  Follow these steps:

1. Login to your trovvit account
2. Click on your avatar located in the top navigation bar
3. In the drop down you will see your avatar again. Click on the gear icon to the right of your avatar. This will take you into settings

4. Once in settings click on "My Account" and then - to the right of "Account Information" click "edit."

5. Change the primary email from its current email (in this example "") to a new email (for example "").

6. You can now use your new email as your login email. Your password will be the same as it was before.

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