How to set up a child account on trovvit

! - if you already have a trovvit account and want to add a child, click here.

To set up a child account on trovvit you first need to create your own account as an adult.  To do this:

1. Goto
2. Click "Join"
3. Fill out YOUR information to create an account 

4. The last step will offer you the ability to "Add a child"

5. Complete the steps to add your child.
6. When you want to access your child's account you will login into YOUR account and then switch into their account (see video below)

TIP!  You can add more than one child. After you have added the first child you can add another one
TIP!  Click here to see how to invite your spouse or another guardian to be able to access and help manage your child(ren) accounts
TIP! Click here see how to set your child's security settings

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