Google Drive/Docs integration

You can now bring files directly from your Google Drive to your trovvit account. Here's how:

1. Log in to your trovvit account.

2. Click the create record icon  to create a record.

3. From your create record screen, click the Google Drive icon  to access your Google account.

4. Use your Google credentials to log in to your Google account.

5. You will be asked to allow Filestack to access your Google Drive. Click "Allow."

6. You will now see your Google Drive. You can select one or more files from your drive here.

7. Once you have selected your file(s), click "Upload." You will be taken back to your trovvit record to finish.  When you are ready, click "Save."

8. Your trovvit record will be created with the files from your Google Drive.

9. You will remain connected to your Google Account so the next time you will not have to log in to your Google account.

10. When you log out of trovvit you will be asked if you want to log out of your Google account as well.  If other people use the computer you are using we highly recommend that you click the link to log out of your Google accoutn.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I add files from my Google Drive and my computer to the same record?
Yes! Simply click one of the other icons (for documents, photos or videos) and you will be able to access your files on your desktop. Google files and files from you desktop/computer can be added to the same trovvit record.

What files can I bring over from my Google Drive?
You can bring over all the file types trovvit supports. These include Word Docs, Powerpoints, PDFs, photos, videos and, now, Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides (see below).

Can I bring over Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides?
Yes!  Google Docs will be converted to Word Doc (.docx) format and will be viewable in your trovvit record.  Google Sheets and Google Slides will also be converted to Excel (.xlsx) and Powerpoint (.pptx) files.  Note: Sheets and Slides are added as attachments to your trovvit record and will need to be downloaded by the viewer.  

How can people see my Google Sheet or Google Slide without having to download them first?
If you want to have users be able to view these files online we recommend that you convert them to a PDF and then upload them to trovvit.   
Powerpoint/Slides and Excel/Sheets can be complex files using macro programs and dependent equations to hosting links and video content.  As a result trovvit does not host a viewing platform for these but does allow the user to easy make them part of your record to save.  

Can I connect to more than one Google Drive to access my files?
Yes but you will can only to connect to one account at a time.  To switch Google accounts or to log out of your Google account while logged into trovvit do the following:
  1. Click the create record icon  to create a record.
  2. From your create record screen, click the Google Drive icon  to access your Google account.
  3. On the pop-up screen that shows you your Google Drive Click on the Google icon  in the upper left.
  4. Click "Sign Out". 
  5. You can then connect to another account by clicking "Connect to Google Drive" or you can remain logged out of your Google account by closing this window by clicking the "X" in the         upper right hand corner of this screen.

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