Updated Profile

Welcome to your updated profile.  Your new profile enables you to:
  • Add your location,
  • Add a header,
  • Add extra-curriculars,
  • Add work/volunteer experiences,
  • Upload or link to your certificates and awards, and
  • Have people request to connect with you from your Profile page*.

Location enables a user to enter their city, state and country to allow people to quickly get a sense of where they are located.  If a user leaves this blank nothing will appear on their page.

Users have asked for a Header or Tagline to be added to their profile. A way to "quickly allow people to see what I am about" as one user put it. Headers are restricted to 120 characters.  If nothing is entered than nothing will appear.

If you are part of a sport, club, youth group and participate with an organization you can now enter it here.  Under Extra-curriculars we added the ability to also enter "activities" you want to high light and/or a description of the experience.

If you volunteer or have a job (even if it is working for yourself like mowing the lawn, babysitting or helping a neighbor) you can enter it here. These experiences matter! Make sure you capture them here.

Certificates and Awards:
If you have received a certificate or award you can now upload or link to them from here.  We recommend that you also create a record with the certificate or link so that you can keep a copy in your trove.  

We have enable users to more easily request to connect with each other by adding a "Connect" button on their profile page.  If you are not currently connected with the user you will see a "Connect" button on their page:  if you are already connected you will see a "Connected" button on their profile page: .  
*Note: This feature is not available for users under the age of 13 years old. 

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